Lockout Services in Round Rock

Standing on the wrong side of a locked car door? With a proven record of customer satisfaction and retention, Towing Round Rock car lockout service is the best in the business. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our fully insured technicians will pop that lock and get you back into your car and on your way.

All of our Car Lockout Services

s receive, at a minimum, 50 hours of hands-on, intensive training in unlocking car doors of all types: Conventional Doors, Scissor Doors, Sliding Doors, Butterfly Doors, Canopy Doors, and Gull-Wing Doors. We have unlocked them all—quickly, safely, and at unbeatable rates.

Towing Round Rock standards are so rigorous that only 1 out of 10 applicants are able to pass our car lockout examination, in which an applicant must prove his ability to unlock a stubborn car door in a matter of minutes. We constantly monitor developments in automotive technology and equipment, ensuring that our car lockout services are equipped with the latest and most efficient tools for the programming of keys, immobilizer technology, and remotes.

Many of our satisfied customers have complimented us on our unrivaled response time. Using state-of-the-art mapping and communications software, our dispatchers will always send you the closest and most capable employee.

Our services include the following:

• Pop-A-Lock
• Broken Car Key Removal
• Auto Lock Repair
• High-Security Car Locks
• Emergency Lockouts
• Lost Car Keys
• Transponder Keys
• Vat/Chip Car Keys
• Ignition Key Replacement
• Key Programming
• Duplicate Keys

Our methods are safe, efficient, and fast. We invite you to call us the next time you find yourself standing on the wrong side of a locked car door. Towing Round Rock also offers towing and roadside assistance services, including battery jump-starts, gasoline delivery, and flat tire assistance. Visit our Home Page to learn more about these and many other services.